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Tactical Drug Operations

This course is designed to assist narcotics officers that may be required to deploy weapons during various situations which normally take place in low light circumstances including: serving search warrants, securing methamphetamine labs, and interdiction of methamphetamine. This course is designed to inform and train officers on the most efficient ways to deploy weapons in low light environments, where officers have the highest probability of being injured. Attending officers will be tasked with the deployment and implementation of weapons in a variety of live fire range drills and force on force scenarios. These practical exercises will make use of Simunition® FX® marking cartridges and Securi-Blank™ training cartridges.

During firearms training, officers must furnish the following items: tactical flashlight, handgun, holster, magazine pouch, 3 magazines, 150 rounds of ammunition, raid jacket or cover shirt, vest (body armor), APR (mask) and carrier, hat, ANZI approved eye and ear protection.


• This class is 14 hours.
• Class hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
• To participate in the course, an application letter must be submitted to Dr. Cheryl May from the applicant’s Chief of Police, Sheriff, Department Head or Director by June 1, 2017. The course is limited to twenty officers and those selected must sign and return a waiver prior to the class.


June 21-22, 2017
Hot Springs Police Department
Hot Springs, AR