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Safe Schools Initiative

The Safe Schools Initiative Division (SSID) provides programs and resources that assist in reducing violence and violence-related behaviors in Arkansas schools. The Division takes a proactive approach to responding to crime and violence, both on the school campus and within the community. The Institute has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing to support SSID’s School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The program provides basic and specialty school safety training courses for school resource officers, school security officers, and school personnel. Additionally, the Safe Schools Initiative Division, in conjunction with the Arkansas Safe Schools Association, the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, the Arkansas Department of Human Services, and the Arkansas Department of Education, co-sponsors an annual statewide safe school conference. This partnership is aimed at providing cutting edge training in school safety and its newest technologies to law enforcement, school administration, school security, or anyone responsible for school safety or emergency response.

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For more information about CJI’s Safe Schools Initiative Division, contact Vicki French at (501) 570-8098 or

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If you are a school employee or law enforcement officer involved with a school, please sign up for our “SROshare” listserv to receive information about our class schedules.