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National Center For Rural Law Enforcement

The National Center for Rural Law Enforcement (NCRLE), a division of the Criminal Justice Institute, is a university-based organization committed to helping rural law enforcement agencies effectively combat crime in their communities. To ensure they can meet the challenge of law enforcement in the 21st Century, NCRLE’s focus is providing education and training on issues inherent to rural communities.

The Center develops and delivers curriculum in a variety of subject areas, including management and leadership, school violence, crisis preparedness, sexual assault management and investigation, and cyberterrorism. Upon completion of NCRLE courses and programs, rural law enforcement professionals are able to return to their agencies and implement principles they have learned to streamline the functions of their agencies and to improve service within their communities.

The NCRLE Board meets regularly to review and update programs.

Please visit the links below to learn more about the NCRLE programs that are currently underway:

Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative 
Sexual Assault Training for Rural Law Enforcement Personnel