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Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel allows law enforcement to create professional spreadsheets and charts, and is an excellent program for managing statistics and budgets.  Computer users who calculate and chart data would benefit from this course.

Major topics to be covered include: Basic Workbook Skills; Copying and Moving Data; Formatting Text, Numbers and Cells; Working with Columns and Rows; Printing; Creating Basic and 3-D Formulas; Managing Data; Working with Worksheets and Workbooks; Advanced Formulas; Working with Multiple Workbooks; Managing  Worksheets: Creating, Editing and Modifying Charts; Comments; and Using Conditional and Custom Formatting.

• This course is 14 hours.
• Class hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
• It is recommended that students have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and possess intermediate to advanced computer navigation skills.
• This class earns credits in our Degree Program.
• This course is included in our membership program.


February 20-21, 2019
Criminal Justice Institute

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