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Online Classes

The Criminal Justice Institute offers a series of online programs that has expanded the availability of some of our traditional classroom offerings to the web. Distance-learning helps eliminate many of the barriers officers currently face in obtaining advanced education and training by allowing officers to complete courses at their own pace and within their home, department, or community.

• Spend less time away from your agency... you can meet your training goals without taking time away from work.
Reduce travel programs completely eliminate fuel, dining, and lodging expenses.
Choose your can complete these courses at any location—work or home.
Move at your own pace...these programs are available to you around the clock.

CJI’s online courses are delivered via the Internet and are accessible to certified law enforcement officers. Officers can access the self-paced courses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a specified period of time. The time period that the course is available to participating officers varies depending upon the length of the course. Registration for online courses follows the same process as other CJI classes. Upon completing a standard CJI registration form, officers will be assigned a log-in and password and directed to a special CJI website. Online versions of CJI courses include features such as slides with audio narration, photographs, graphics, videos, review activities, scenarios, and recommended optional reading. 

For more information about CJI’s Online Programs, contact Tyler Mauch: 501-570-8046 or

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