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Stop the Bleed Training for School Resource Officers

Despite advances in our Nation’s response to mass casualty events (both natural and man-made), a gap remains in our national preparedness and resilience for such incidents. Drawing from a myriad of experiences from recent mass casualty events, the immediate responder represents an often underutilized resource, yet one who is capable of dramatically affecting the outcome and minimizing potential loss of life.

In partnership with the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA), the Arkansas Center for School Safety will be offering two 4-hour sessions of the "Stop the Bleed" training for school resource officers.  “Stop the Bleed” is a national campaign that provides participants with proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use their hands, dressings and tourniquets, and gives them the skills to stop uncontrolled bleeding in emergency situations. Through this training, participants will learn to provide time-sensitive, life-saving interventions in order to save lives until professional responders arrive. In addition, each student will receive a kit upon successful completion of this course. 

This is a 4-hour class.
The class is open to school resource officers only.
Enrollment is limited to 25 students per session.

This class is available at no charge.


This class will be scheduled at a later date.