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DWI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing/Traffic Occupant Protection and Drugged Driving

This 28-hour National Highway Traffic Safety Administration course trains and certifies law enforcement officers to administer and evaluate the three-part standardized field sobriety test. Even with a primary seat belt law, Arkansas’ usage rate is 78%, well below the 85% national average usage rate.  This program is designed to raise law enforcement officers’ awareness of occupant protection benefits and increase usage in the communities they serve by describing the factors that make driving without safety restraints dangerous, the different types of occupant restraints, and Arkansas law.

The purpose of the Drugged Driving course (4 or 8 hours) is to acquaint the law enforcement officer with the information now becoming available on the recognition of individuals who may be medically impaired or under the influence of drugs other than alcohol, and to assist law enforcement in preparing to prosecute such cases.  It is clear that police officers responsible for traffic law enforcement will encounter drug-impaired drivers. The best available data suggest that tens of millions of Americans routinely use drugs other than alcohol and many drive while they are under the influence of those drugs. Some drug-impaired drivers look and act very much like alcohol-impaired drivers. Others look and act very differently. All of them are dangerous, to themselves and to everyone else on the road.

Registration is through the sponsoring department's training office or contact Amie Martin at 501-570-8036 or As scheduled training time and location may change, confirmation should be made through the agency's training office.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students should be actively involved in DWI enforcement and prepared to utilize all aspects of the training, especially standardized field sobriety tests, during the course of their work. The officers selected to attend this training should be aware of the hazards caused by impaired drivers, be motivated to arrest those drivers and their duty assignments should enable them to spend the time required to process DWI offenders. New police recruits could also participate in this course upon approval of their agency.

• This class is 32 hours.
• This class earns credits in our Degree Program.


March 26-29, 2019 (8am-5pm)
Fort Smith Police Department
Fort Smith, AR

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