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Coping with Law Enforcement Stress

COURSE FEE: $125          ***SPACE IS LIMITED***


Unmanaged stress can be very dangerous for the human mind and body.  Policing, by nature, is stressful, and new challenges are presented daily. This two-day class is designed to help officers recognize the danger of stress. The first day of class deals with typical stressors law enforcement officers face.  The likelihood of chronic stress in an officer’s life and the negative effects it causes will be discussed. Several department studies dealing with officer suicide as a result of stress will be examined in class. Officers will be encouraged to find an outlet in their lives to help them manage the unavoidable stress they will encounter. A licensed psychologist co-facilitates day two of the class.

At the conclusion of this course, officers will be able to identify one primary source of stress, identify three additional sources of stress, and recognize the importance of debriefing after stressful situations.  This course is designed for all certified law enforcement officers.

Instructor Bio: Norman Hale and Dr. Jack Thomas
Norman Hale is a Captain with the White County Sheriff’s Department.  He has been in supervision since 1994 and currently supervises Patrol, CID, the Judicial Division and a past Detention Center Administrator.  Captain Hale left Harding with 109 hours in Computer Science, to pursue his dream for Law Enforcement.  He began his Law Enforcement career as an auxiliary member of the White County Sheriff’s Department in 1987. He received his Law Enforcement Senior Certificate in 2005. He was appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness in April of 2011.

Dr. Jack Thomas has over 43 years of experience in behavioral science and psychology.  He is formerly a professor at Harding University where he taught a variety of topics in the psychology department.  In private practice, Dr. Thomas treats eating disorders, anxiety, depression and poor impulse control conditions. Dr. Thomas worked as the resident psychologist at the Searcy Police Department in Searcy, Arkansas to help officers navigate through life’s challenges and handle the stress of policing. Dr. Thomas continues to help law enforcement officers with psychological issues through private practice and training programs.

Target Audience:  This course is designed for all certified law enforcement officers.

Prerequisites: None

Equipment: None

CONTACT INFORMATION: Kimberly Hendricks: at 501-570-8041.
Toll free: 1-800-635-6310.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registrants must fax a signed and dated verification letter on agency letterhead within five days of submission of the registration request form to 501-565-3081 which includes the following statement:  This letter will verify that I, (name of registrant), am an employee of (agency name) and hold the position of (sworn/non-sworn) (position title), located at (address) and have registered for (name of class) on (date).

This class is 14 hours.


March 14-15, 2018
White Hall Fire Station
White Hall, AR

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