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Hotel/Motel Interdiction

COURSE FEE: $100.00


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This program provides classroom presentations and scenario-based training in the interception of narcotics in the hotel/motel industry. It outlines proven techniques utilized to assist narcotic officers and uniformed officers in developing partnerships with the business community in identifying violators who use legitimate businesses, such as hotels to facilitate narcotic trafficking and other criminal activity. The course will outline comprehensive investigative techniques to identify conduct and behavior of the drug violator in the hotel/motel setting. The program also provides instruction in knock and talks, currency seizures, and the role of the narcotic canine. Practical exercises will be used to reinforce these investigative techniques. In addition, it will provide a legal foundation for the techniques, to include constitutional procedure, search and seizure, and Fourth Amendment issues.


TARGET AUDIENCE: All sworn members of the law enforcement community.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Check, Purchase Order or Credit Card.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Matthew Modrak: at 501-570-8060

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registrants must fax a signed and dated verification letter on agency letterhead within five days of submission of the registration request form to 501-565-3081 which includes the following statement:  This letter will verify that I, (name of registrant), am an employee of (agency name) and hold the position of (sworn/non-sworn) (position title), located at (address) and have registered for (name of class) on (date).

This is an 8 hour class.


May 23, 2019
Washington County Sheriff's Office        
Fayetteville, AR

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