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Street Cops


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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Street Cops is an all-in-one, street level law enforcement training course that discusses modern beat strategies, as well as, technological advancements that are available to police for investigative purposes. Participants will learn current, proven methods to further investigations, successfully track fugitives and solve crime on the streets. Real video footage of street operations will be shown.  Course topics will include: proactive policing strategies; intelligence gathering; officer safety concerns; use of deadly force encounters; informants and other sources of information; investigative techniques for the street cops; conducting surveillance; productive interviews and interrogations; investigating probationers and parolees; avoiding internal investigation leaks and other issues; and extremists and homeland security investigations.



CONTACT INFORMATION: Kimberly Hendricks: at 501-570-8041.
Toll free: 1-800-635-6310.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registrants must fax a signed and dated verification letter on agency letterhead within five days of submission of the registration request form to 501-565-3081 which includes the following statement:  This letter will verify that I, (name of registrant), am an employee of (agency name) and hold the position of (sworn/non-sworn) (position title), located at (address) and have registered for (name of class) on (date).

This class is 16 hours.


February 25-26, 2019
Hot Springs Police Department
Hot Springs, AR

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