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Become a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
Help us reduce the number of impaired drivers on our roads by participating in our upcoming Drug...(more)

Risk Management with Gordon Graham
Everything we do in life involves a level of risk. The phrase "risk management"¯ is a very common term, but what is "real"¯ risk management?   It is certainly more than safety issues. Everything...(more)

CJI Hiring a Special Projects Coordinator and Curriculum Specialist
COME JOIN OUR TEAM! The Criminal Justice Institute is hiring a Special Projects Coordinator...(more)

Download the new NARCANsas app!
Download the new "Narcansas" app for life saving information and resources on opioid addiction, including how to save...(more)

Computer Fast Forensics Coming in June
The Criminal Justice Institute is offering a  class for computer forensic specialists/digital evidence examiners who examine...(more)

Fingerprint Classification, Comparison and Identification
Scott Campbell will be at the Criminal Justice Institute in June to help law enforcement personnel with (more)

Apply Today for the 2019 Narcotics Officer Certificate Program
The Criminal Justice Institute is now accepting applications for the Narcotics Officer Certificate Program (NOCP).  This program was created to offer Arkansas law enforcement agencies the opportunity...(more)