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NEW! CJI is Accepting Applications for a SFST Program Specialist
Qualified applicants are sought to assist with program activities of the Criminal Justice Institute's Traffic Safety Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Training Project and the Law Enforcement Liaison Project.  The Arkansas...(more)

Risk Management with Gordon Graham
Everything we do in life involves a level of risk. The phrase "risk management"¯ is a very common term, but what is "real"¯ risk management?   It is certainly more than safety issues. Everything...(more)

Crisis Intervention Response for Law Enforcement
In 2017, Act 423 established the operation of Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU) in the state of Arkansas to provide communities with an option other than jail when a person experiencing an acute crisis due to a mental illness...(more)

CJI's Sexual Assault Investigation Trainings Highlighted by the COPS Office
The Criminal Justice Institute's Sexual...(more)

You're Invited to the Arkansas Highway Safety Conference
SAVE THE DATE: September 5 & 6, 2018 On September 5, the Arkansas Highway Safety Conference...(more)

Eyewitness Identification: Conducting a Photo Lineup
A NEW ONLINE TRAINING FROM THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE INSTITUTE The process of eyewitness identification...(more)

Racial Profiling Online Redesigned for 2018
The Criminal Justice Institute is offering a completely redesigned Racial Profiling Online course...(more)