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Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement Coming to NWA

Venga Commigo. Ponga las manos done yo las pueda ver. Alto.

As Latinos continue to migrate to the United States and the population continues to increase in Arkansas, it is now more critical than ever before for officers to have a basic understanding of the Spanish language.

On July 17-19, Kendel Cole will be at Arkansas Tech University’s Ozark campus to teach Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement, a three-day intensive course designed to help officers learn basic Spanish words and phrases to assist with day-to-day policing.

 At the end of class, officers will be able to communicate with non-English speaking Latinos on a basic conversational level, obtain information to write an accurate report, gather information on a potential suspect, distinguish key slang words from different countries, understand commonly used “Spanglish” words, and use a wide range of law enforcement specific words. This course will also equip officers with information and tools for continuing their Spanish learning outside the classroom.

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Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement
July 17-19, 2018
Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus