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Computer Fast Forensics Coming in June

The Criminal Justice Institute is offering a class for computer forensic specialists/digital evidence examiners who examine and analyze digital evidence in high-technology crimes.

Computer Fast Forensics is a 3-day course that focuses on specific tool sets designed for rapid traversal of data and identification of evidential items of interest, both at the scene and later in a controlled environment. The course includes presentations and hands-on instruction on such topics as live machine and dead machine examinations, safe booting a GNU/Linux forensic platform, creating forensically-sound copies of digital media and mounting them for examination, conducting text and data searches, capturing volatile data (RAM imaging), obtaining user and computer information for use in the investigation, recovering certain passwords, identifying hidden data, and using hash algorithms.

The course is designed for students who already have a fundamental grasp of basic computer components and how to operate a computer using the Windows operating system. Students should come prepared with the prior knowledge and skills necessary to respond to an electronic crime scene and to safely and methodically collect and preserve items of evidential value that may be used in court proceedings. Basic computer skills and identifying/seizing electronic evidence will not be covered. Therefore, if necessary, students should, and are encouraged, to explore preparatory training prior to class.

     Basic Computer Skills for Law Enforcement:
     National White Collar Crime Center

     Identifying and Seizing Electronic Evidence:
     National White Collar Crime Center 

The class will be offered at the Criminal Justice Institute June 18-20, 2019.
Class hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

REGISTER TODAY! For more information, contact Annette Tracy at 570-8061.