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CJI’s Membership Program: Gain UNLIMITED Access to CJI Classes

Thank you for your participation in the Criminal Justice Institute’s 2018 membership program! This program, which was established by the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) on January 1, 2018, gives law enforcement agencies in Arkansas access to our full catalog of onsite and online classes, while also allowing CJI to develop and deliver new training programs and services that best meet the evolving needs and challenges of Arkansas law enforcement professionals.

This year, we have restructured the program in an attempt to make it easier for agencies to manage. Your 2019 membership fee is for UNLIMITED ATTENDANCE for anyone in your agency and includes sworn, non-sworn, jailers, administrative staff, etc.  The rates are based off a three-year average class attendance for your agency. Free classes are not included in this average. At the end of the fiscal year, the total number of attendances at membership classes will be used to determine a new three-year average.

Agency invoices for 2019 have recently been mailed. Your agency’s membership fee must be paid to have access to membership only face-to-face and online courses.  This includes our distinguished programs such as the Crime Scene Technician Program and the School of Law Enforcement Supervisions programs for the 2019 calendar year. To assist those agencies which cannot pay the invoice until after the first of the year, we will attempt to offer only free classes in January.

If your agency has not received an invoice, contact Amber Jackson at 501-570-8024.

$6,250:  Averages over 200 attendances per year
$5,000:  Averages about 200 attendances per year
$3,750:  Averages about 150 attendances per year
$2,500:  Averages about 100 attendances per year
$1,250:  Averages about 50 attendances per year
$625:     Averages about 25 attendances per year
$250:     Averages about 10 attendances per year
$125:     Averages about 5 attendances per year

Thanks to Governor Asa Hutchinson, scholarship opportunities will be available to agencies who cannot afford a membership. To initiate this process, please complete this application. In addition, courses provided through grants or special funding, such as traffic safety, rural sexual assault investigations and school safety, will continue to be free of charge.