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Crime Scene Courtroom Testimony is Coming in October

This two-day 14-hour course is designed specifically for the crime scene investigator who is frequently required to testify to their observations and actions at a crime scene as well as subsequent interpretation of his/her findings. 

This class will enable participants to:
- Describe the elements of a good witness
- Employ proper techniques of physical evidence testimony
- Recognize ethical testimonial issues and recognize ethical limitations
- Recognize the importance of case file preparation to future courtroom testimony
- Demonstrate the ability to clearly testify to a crime scene in a courtroom setting

In addition to lecture, students will participate in a mock court trial on the second day of class to ensure that they gain practical use of the skills learned through this program. 

Crime Scene Courtroom Testimony will be held at the Criminal Justice Institute on October 11-12, 2017.

Course instructors include:
John Hout, Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (6th Judicial District)
David Sachar, Executive Director (Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission)
Hugh Finkelstein, Little Rock District Judge (First Division)

REGISTER TODAY! For more information, contact Annette Tracy at 501-570-8061.