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Eyewitness Identification: Conducting a Photo Lineup


The process of eyewitness identification must follow specific procedures in order to produce fair and accurate results. Lineup expert John Brigham describes the problem of biased lineup construction this way: “Anything which causes the suspect to stand out from the other lineup members compromises the validity of the lineup, as this distinctiveness may be used by an uncertain eyewitness as a cue on which to base the identification decision. These can involve personal characteristics of the target as well as characteristics of the lineup itself."

Participants in CJI’s newest online training, Eyewitness Identification: Conducting a Photo Lineup, will learn how to properly construct and administer photographic lineups following the policy recommendations of the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. This training covers the central principles of the Arkansas Model Policy on Eyewitness Identification.

A law enforcement agency that implements the Arkansas Model Policy on Eyewitness Identification increases the chances that guilty perpetrators will be identified, while reducing the chances that innocent persons will be identified. They will also improve the strength of cases in court and protect the agency and its officers from accusations of wrongdoing. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to describe:


This 3-hour online class is being offered online twice a month through the Criminal Justice Institute. Register Today!
For more information, contact Kim Hendricks at 501-570-8041.