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Fingerprint Classification, Comparison and Identification

Scott Campbell will be at the Criminal Justice Institute in June to help law enforcement personnel with Fingerprint Classification, Comparison and Identification.

We use fingerprints as a means of positive human identification today because they are both permanent and unique. This 3-day introductory course is designed to teach law enforcement personnel the value and uses of fingerprints for human identification, fingerprint classification and introduce them to the process of comparison and identification. This includes fingerprints of prisoners, wanted persons, or otherwise unidentified persons. 

Evaluation of crime scene prints will also be discussed so personnel can better determine which prints have value and submit for comparison. Attendees will learn to examine fingerprints during exercises, classify prints, and begin the process of comparison.  Additional presentations include the significance of correct processing methods and considerations for recovering higher quality latent prints.

This course would be beneficial for jail personnel, supervisors, investigators, booking officers, police officers, and those responsible for detention and release of prisoners wanted by outside jurisdictions. This course could also assist crime scene personnel and officers who have to process evidence for latent fingerprint impressions and evaluate that evidence at the crime scene so that valuable latent impressions are not discarded. 

The class will be held June 25-27 at the Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock. Register Today!