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FROM THE DIRECTOR: CJI to Implement Subscription Program for Classes

In 2018, the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) will begin administering a subscription program for enrollment in many of CJI's face-to-face and online classes. Courses provided through our grant-funded programs, such as traffic safety, safe schools and rural sexual assault investigations, will continue to be free of charge.

My decision to recommend implementation of a subscription program was not an easy one to make and was aided by discussions with the CJI Advisory Board, law enforcement leaders throughout the state, and the University of Arkansas System. Although operation costs have increased an average of 3% or more each year, state appropriation funding for the Criminal Justice Institute for the past 11 years has remained flat. Since I have been director, we have initiated a number of cost efficiency measures. The actions we have taken to cut costs were needed and have allowed us to expand the variety and availability of our critical programs. The funds saved by being more efficient were directly responsible for the development and expansion of our online programs. Despite no new base funding, the number of officers and deputies benefitting from our programs has more than tripled, from 4,500 in 2010 to 16,000 in 2016. In order for CJI to continue to grow and meet the critical and constantly changing needs and challenges of the Arkansas law enforcement community, additional revenue is necessary. CJI has had a strong history of supporting the needs of law enforcement in our great state and has never been nor will ever be (as long as I am director) about making a profit from the training and educational opportunities we provide.

The CJI subscription program has been approved to begin January 2018. 

The subscription fees are nominal (equivalent to $25/class, regardless of length) and are not in any way intended to be the sole source of funding for CJI. Subscription amounts will be based on the average number of officers/deputies from your department or agency that have attended any CJI classes for the past three years. The potential subscription cost based on average attendance is provided below:

Attendances                          Fee
Unlimited Attendance             $6,250
200 class slots per year         $5,000
150 class slots per year         $3,750
100 class slots per year         $2,500
50 class slots per year           $1,250
25 class slots per year           $625
10 class slots per year           $250
5 class slots per year             $125

In the next several weeks, I will be sending a letter to chiefs and sheriffs who utilize CJI services. Along with this letter, a subscription invoice, payable after January 1, 2018,  based on your agency's average attendance over the past three years will be included.  Paying this subscription invoice will allow all your officers or deputies, as well as civilian and corrections personnel, to have access to CJI's face-to-face and online programs for a calendar year.

For agencies who cannot afford a subscription, scholarship opportunities will be available. Details on scholarship eligibility will be announced soon. This allocation of one-time financial assistance from Governor Asa Hutchinson reflects his and CJI's ongoing commitment to unparalleled training accessibility and affordability for Arkansas law enforcement professionals. Be assured that we will continue to pursue grant funding and partnerships that will allow CJI to continue providing select training opportunities at no cost to you or your staff.

As I know many of you are in the budgeting process, if you would like to know the subscription tier that applies to your agency's attendance rate, please do not hesitate to contact me at 501-570-8052; Bridgette McInroe at 501-570-8017; or Carol Waddle at 501-570-8021. Your commitment to and support of the Criminal Justice Institute is deeply appreciated! 

With great appreciation,

Dr. Cheryl May