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National Park College is the Newest Partner in CJI’s Degree Program

National Park College is the newest partner in CJI’s Degree Program for Arkansas law enforcement. Located in Hot Springs, National Park is the fourth largest community college in the state, averaging approximately 4,000 credit students per semester enrolled in college courses blending liberal arts with occupational education to prepare students to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. The Criminal Justice Institute is excited to collaborate with National Park in this important initiative for Arkansas law enforcement. 

CJI collaborates with colleges and universities across the state to provide an opportunity that should not be missed for Arkansas law enforcement officers. With two unique programs—Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement Administration—certified law enforcement personnel can earn Certificates of Proficiency, Technical Certificates, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees in fields of study specific to the law enforcement profession.

There are no costs associated with CJI classes. 
That’s right! The classes you take through the Criminal Justice Institute are free of charge to Arkansas law enforcement officers, which means more than half of the classes you need for your degree plan can be obtained at no cost to you. Along with the classes you take through CJI, you will complete general education courses from one of the collaborating colleges/universities featured on the map above. (Many of the general education courses required through your local college/university are now available online.) 

CJI classes are designed specifically for the working officer.
With the exception of our distinguished programs, CJI’s programs typically range in length from one to three days, so it doesn’t take a semester to complete a program nor does it require extended leave from your agency. 

You can participate regardless of where you are located in the State.
CJI partners with 22 two-year and four-year colleges and universities throughout the state to ensure that all officers have access to a campus in or near their community. In addition, the growing catalog of online programs available through the Criminal Justice Institute and Arkansas colleges/universities are making it easier than ever before to complete required coursework.

Submit an Intent to Enroll form to the Criminal Justice Institute. 
This form allows the Institute to notify colleges/universities of officers who wish to enroll in the program and to help participants complete the chosen certificate or degree plan.

Speak with the appropriate contact at the collaborating college/university and at the Criminal Justice Institute to determine the steps necessary to earn CSI and LEA certificates and degrees. 

Next, complete the enrollment process for the selected partnering college/university. 
Information regarding enrollment procedures and financial aid opportunities can be obtained by contacting collaborating colleges/universities. 

Get Started!
Complete required coursework at the Criminal Justice Institute and the selected college/university.  

Contact Glen Ritta for more information at 501-570-8017.