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NEW ONLINE CLASS: Communications for Law Enforcement Online

The Criminal Justice Institute has added a new online class that focuses on effective communication skills and how they can make a positive impact within your agency.

Communications for Law Enforcement ONLINE is a 14-hour class that will help participants develop communication excellence and learn how to practice “strategic interaction” to facilitate voluntary compliance. Emphasis is given to specific interaction techniques that will ensure officer safety, reduce citizen complaints, and enhance each participant’s law enforcement professionalism.

The concluding sections focus on effective conflict management, the inter-dynamics of work groups, and community meetings. Participants will become familiar with the IMPACT model and practice utilizing the model to manage conflicts efficiently. In addition, participants will be exposed to effective processes of group meetings, as well as proper methods of conducting a community meeting.


2018 Class Availability:
October 22-30 / November 1-9 / November 12-20 / December 5-11