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Racial Profiling Online Redesigned for 2018

The Criminal Justice Institute is offering a completely redesigned Racial Profiling Online course for 2018. In addition to the new look and feel of the course, officers will encounter an overview of bias-free policing, stereotypes and bias, effective methods for practicing bias-free policing and fighting perceptions of bias, and new law enforcement scenarios for personal review. Coverage of Arkansas laws regarding racial profiling remains a critical component of the course.

Every human holds bias, whether consciously or unconsciously. Quite simply, bias is a tendency to believe that some people or ideas are better or worse than others by virtue of their categorization, and that belief often results in treating some people unfairly. An inclination to treat people of different races and ethnicities in different ways, whether positively or negatively and regardless of the extent, is an indication of bias. Racial Profiling Online has been designed to give officers a better understanding of bias-based and bias-free policing, to provide information that keeps officers current with Arkansas law, and to help officers effectively and fairly enforce the law and keep local communities safe.

In accordance with Arkansas law, law enforcement agencies statewide must keep their written policies on racial profiling up-to-date and available to all members of the public. Policy documents and availability must be universally accessible (which includes access for individuals with disabilities) whether the policies are distributed in print, electronic, or web formats. The Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police provides access to a model policy on bias-based policing and racial profiling, which is free for use by any law enforcement agency. Model policies are available at the AACP website.

Agencies must also provide and require annual training on the prohibition against racial profiling for all officers. The Criminal Justice Institute provides Racial Profiling Online as a way to assist agencies in fulfilling requirements of Arkansas statute 12-12-1404. Individual agencies must also make their officers aware of the specific agency’s racial profiling policy and procedures as part of the required annual training, and the agency training must provide officers with personal copies of the agency operating procedures.

Racial Profiling Online is offered online twice a month. Register online today.