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Stress Management for Law Enforcement ONLINE

You wear the badge every day, from the moment you walk out the door to work, until the moment you return home. You may take off your badge when you take off your uniform, but does the badge ever really leave your mind?

Unmanaged stress can be very dangerous for the human mind and body. Policing, by nature, is stressful, and new challenges are presented daily. CJI’s new online class— Stress Management for Law Enforcement ONLINE—is designed to help officers recognize the danger of stress.

Specifically, officers will learn to:
- Define stress
- Analyze the stress in their life as a law enforcement professional
- Identify causes of stress for law enforcement professionals
- Manage stress and its effects in practical ways
- Develop stress resiliency
- Recognize the effects of stress on themselves and in the lives of fellow officers

You, as a person, are much more than only your vocation as a law enforcement officer, even though your law enforcement training never leaves you. If your mental badge is never “taken off” and cared for appropriately, you as an officer will be worn out. Learn to manage your stress as a human being, and this will automatically have benefits for your vocation as a law enforcement officer.