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Ten NEW Classes Coming to the Criminal Justice Institute

The Criminal Justice Institute is pleased to announce our new course lineup for Summer/Fall 2019, which offers a dynamic mix of programs to meet the diverse training needs of the Arkansas law enforcement community. Included in this lineup, are ten NEW programs that we think you'll be excited about it. Watch in the coming weeks for more classes to be added to our website.

Bully, the Bullied and the Not-So-Innocent 
September 17 / Criminal Justice Institute
This course will provide participants with suggestions for helping students to learn to stand up for their own rights while respecting the rights and legitimate needs of others; to handle conflicts nonviolently; to act with integrity when confronted with difficult situations; and to develop an inner moral code that gives them the wherewithal to do what is right.

Calming the Fire: Fundamental Principles of De-escalation and Understanding People 
September 5 / Saline County Sheriff’s Office (Benton)
This curriculum is designed to identify several basic behavioral types and what manner of communication works best with each one. By studying these qualities we can identify not only what works with those we encounter, but also how we best work with them, and what areas we may need to work on to make us better communicators and de-escalators to potentially volatile situations.

Drones: Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Certification Preparation Course 
September 4-6 / Benton County Sheriff’s Office (Bentonville)
This three-day course prepares officers to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 Certification Test. A licensed instructor will facilitate this training.

Managing Police Conduct
August 14 / Criminal Justice Institute
This course is designed to help identify, structure, and promote a departmental culture of police conduct that is proper, professional, and progressive. 

Officer’s Guide to Interrogating Pedophiles
September 26 / Searcy Police Department
This seven-hour block of instruction teaches officers the intricacies and nuances of interviewing pedophiles. 

Officer Involved Shooting 
August 21-22 / Criminal Justice Institute
This two-day training course will help officers understand the investigative process and help detectives ensure that they are properly equipped to conduct an officer involved shooting investigation.

Schools & Suicide: Prevention & Postvention
October 24 / Criminal Justice Institute
This course will cover the scope of schools and suicide prevention, including warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors for those at risk of suicide within the school setting. 

School Resource Officer (SRO) Roles & Responsibilities ONLINE
This course was developed for SROs and school administrators working together in the school environment and will introduce the triad concept of school-based policing.

Tactical De-escalation Techniques
September 19 / Criminal Justice Institute
This one-day training class will provide officers with the necessary tools to properly de-escalate a situation, while maintaining a tactical mindset. Officers will learn effective techniques for communicating under stress, without escalating a situation. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid 
July 25 / Criminal Justice Institute
This course introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations.