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Law Enforcement Response to Persons with Behavioral Health Issues ONLINE

COURSE FEE: $50.00


COURSE DESCRIPTION: With funding and support from the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police, this training is designed to provide a better understanding of individuals suffering from behavioral health issues who may come in contact with the law enforcement community. Keeping officer safety foremost, participants will explore policies,  procedures, and protocols for officers to follow while dealing with this difficult issue. Course topics include: Identification of Common Behavioral Health Issues; Officer Safety Issues; Interventions; and Commitments.

TARGET AUDIENCE: All levels of law enforcement officers.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Check, Purchase Order or Credit Card.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Kimberly Hendricks: at 501-570-8041.
Toll free: 1-800-635-6310.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registrants must fax a signed and dated verification letter on agency letterhead within five days of submission of the registration request form to 501-565-3081 which includes the following statement:  This letter will verify that I, (name of registrant), am an employee of (agency name) and hold the position of (sworn/non-sworn) (position title), located at (address) and have registered for (name of class) on (date).

• This class is 7 hours.
• This class earns credits in our Degree Program.


December 11-21, 2017

  Registration ends 12pm (noon) December 8, 2017

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