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Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

The Traffic Safety Program offers the following DRE courses.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
This is a three-phase training curriculum that will train and certify law enforcement officers to become highly effective in detecting and identifying a person who is impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. The curriculum consists of Drug Recognition Pre-School, Drug Recognition Expert School and Drug Recognition Field Certification.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Instructor Development
This course is designed to enable DREs to develop the skills and knowledge that allows them to observe, evaluate, and verify the performance of candidate DREs throughout the training and certification process. DRE instructors also provide periodic update training to DREs already certified.

For more information about the DRE courses and prerequisites contact:
• Tara Amuimuia - Traffic Safety Program Manager / State DRE Coordinator 501-570-8035 or
• Jeremy Bennett – DRE Program Specialist 501-570-8034 or

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Click on the links below to download the following documents.

AR DRE Rolling Log

AR DRE Rolling Log example

AR DRE Rolling Log instructions

AR DRE Face sheet

AR DRE Contact Information Sheet

AR DRE Recertification and Assurances Form

AR DRE Update Form

AR DRE Reinstatement Form